Becky Fast Johnson County Commissio

Smart Growth for a Better Johnson County

Fast will bring "roll up her sleeves" problem-solving to bring people together and get things done. She believes politics often gets in the way of truly helping families. 

Becky’s experience at the local, state and federal level is crucial as we look for solutions as we work toward recovery, economic growth, and prosperous future after a global pandemic. Johnson County has so many assets and now is the time to expand upon them and make the County a lifelong destination for businesses and people alike.


Becky Fast is Standing Up For: 


  • Smart Economic Growth that Enhances Our Communities and Improves our Quality of Life

    • Pursuing renewable energy provides economic and environmental benefits to Johnson County residents through saving taxpayers money as the county is better able to control energy costs.

    • Central to economic growth is repairing and building roads, sewer lines, and managing stormwater.

  • Maintaining and Improving the County's Infrastructure -  Parks, Libraries, Walkable and Bikeable Neighborhood Options


  • Making it Fair: Balanced and Equitable Taxation

    • Rising home values make home ownership more difficult for families, seniors, and those on fixed incomes as the tax burden is increasingly shifted to residential homeowners.

    • We must find a way to keep housing affordable to attract young people to our county while not placing an unfair burden on our seniors who have helped to build one of the greatest counties in this county.



  • Community for All – Support for Seniors, Persons with Disabilities, and a Strong Community Mental Health System 


  • Open Government and Taxpayers First through Fostering a Culture of Transparency and Citizen Engagement.